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Each week between April and mid-June, we will be highlighting a different trainer and their advice to help you get ready and motivated for the marathon.

Applied Fitness Solutions

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Applied Fitness Solutions combines the fun and motivating atmosphere of group training with the structure and accountability you can only get from having a one on one personal trainer. Every client has an individualized exercise and nutrition program that is tailored to his or her unique needs and goals. By offering a variety of exercise settings (weight loss, strength training, performance), we can effectively train all individuals at all fitness levels. Thanks to AFS' revolutionary Client Management systems, clients get optimal results without the high level price tag.

Breaking Through The Wall: 3 Easy Nutrition Tips for Run Training

“Bonk,” “Hit the Wall,” “Run out of Gas.” Whatever you call it, it’s the point that is every runner’s worst fear. If you follow the three simple tips laid out in this article, not only will you NOT hit the wall, but you’ll jump over the top of it!

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Four Ways to Run Injury Free

Your entire life, you’ve been training the engines of your body to be faster. But have you ever stopped to think about training the brakes? Are you a Ferrari engine on Toyota Corolla brakes? If you’ve never stopped to think about it, let alone actually train the brakes, you may be greatly increasing your risk of running-related injury.

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Train Fast to Be Fast: Explosive Weight Training for Runners

If you want to be fast, you have to train fast. Makes sense, right? Explosive weight training leading to a more explosive athlete is fairly intuitive. But for whatever reason, this fundamental strength and conditioning principle that gets applied to every other athlete doesn’t get applied to runners.

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Joust Strength + Fitness

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Joust Strength + Fitness delivers expert training that will propel you to your goals. Our winning combination of unique classes and expert training means you’re always challenged, always seeing results … and you’re always excited for your next workout.
Don't waste that hard work by not fueling your body properly during the race.
The week prior to the race day it is important to watch your food intake as your training decreases and your body preps for the long run.  You want to consume foods higher in carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes and fruits.  Think about it like packing your bags for a long trip. 
Continue reading the race day nutrition tips by Melissa Gerharter MS, RD, CSSD, so that you hydrate and re-fuel properly.


Making Sure Your First Marathon Isn’t Your Last

By John W. Farah

John Farah lives in Ann Arbor Michigan and is the author of “Let’s Pick it up a Bit” a book that is both a memoir and a guide to help people lead and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. He has run in over 450 races including 124 marathons. The book is available at and iTunes and Amazon as well as locally at Nicola’s books and Running Fit.

Getting in Shape for the New Year

By: John W. Farah

John Farah is the author of "Let's Pick It Up a Bit," a running memoir and guide to a healthy lifestyle. It's available at Running Fit Stores, Nicola' bookstore and at, and digitally on Amazon and iBooks.


501 Running Club

Planning to run the Ann Arbor full or half marathon and need a little motivation and companionship?

Running your first distance race EVER?

501 Running Club has the program for you! 501's mission is to promote healthy living through: Running, Education, and Awareness. They are committed to help individuals "live well" by providing an avenue of healthy options for learning, exercise and play.

501's experienced coaches monitor your training and track your race history. They listen to your input make suggestions about how to improve.

Join us today for a group run (calendar), or register for training program. Email Coach Gina today for a reasonable training program rate and start your training now. Coach Gina Not interested in a training program? Here at 501 we open our doors to all runners, all paces, all abilities, all availability, without obligation to join a program or pay any fees. We just want to run with like minded runners. Check out our calendar for start times and locations. Happy Running.

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